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State Narrows Scope of Study Based on 'Cyclical' Language

Scientists Forsake a Nebraska Climate Study Mum on Human Influences

A proposed $44,000 state-funded study of climate impacts in Nebraska precludes consideration of humans’ role, so University of Nebraska-Lincoln scientists shun the approach and plan their own independent study.


Feeding 9 Billion on a Hot and Hungry Planet

Concerns over feeding a growing global population are not new. But what is new is the challenge of feeding a population of 9 billion on a planet with a markedly warmer climate. Agriculture: both part of the problem and part [...]


New IPCC Report Featured in This Month’s ‘This is Not Cool’ Video

Climate scientists Michael Mann and Stefan Rahmstorf offer a concise description of key points made in the recently released IPCC Working Group I Fifth Assessment Report in a new video produced by Peter Sinclair.


Strange Bedfellows? Climate Change Denial and Support for Geoengineering

Potential benefits of geoengineering, despite attendant risks, appeal to some interests showing little concern for the seriousness of the climate change issue generally. What goes here? 


IPCC’s New Estimates for Increased Sea-Level Rise

Recently released sea-level rise findings from IPCC project greater increases than earlier forecast, but continuing uncertainties persist, and drawing direct comparisons with past estimates is difficult.


Scientists Should Engage in Policy, But It’s a Balancing Act

Scientists sometimes ‘have a special responsibility to engage on policy issues’ relevant to their science. But they need to proceed with care when they remove their scientist hats and speak instead as citizens. Reposted with permission of The Conversation.


‘REDD+’ Progress and Potential: More Financial Incentives Needed

Despite the promise to greatly reduce tropical deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions with modest funding, concerns persist over whether ‘REDD+’ can sustain support.


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