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Climate Change Web Videos: Advocacy Edition

During the past five years, Web video has emerged as a battleground in climate communication. Journalists, comedians, artists, businesses, governments, climate contrarians and advocacy groups alike are competing to produce the medium’s slickest, funniest and most compelling messages. Take a [...]


A Viewer's Guide

Some Favorite Web Videos About Climate Change (Pt. 1)

The Web, no surprise, is both a gold mine and a mine field of videos dealing with climate change. Here’s an initial “Top 10″ listing of our favorites, a list that will grow over time with – or without – [...]


WSJ’s ‘Environmental Capital’ Blog Launched

You might want to think about adding another journalist’s blog to your internet “favorites” or RSS feed-reader. Veteran Wall Street Journal reporters Jeffrey Ball and Keith Johnson this week launched “Environmental Capital“. Most of the reporting is to be done [...]


A Daily Reporter Asks: Why Blog?

Why blog? It’s a question I ask myself often – usually around 5:50 p.m., when I can see I’m blowing deadline. Again. At least for this Seattle Post-Intelligencer reporter, blogging means doing everything that needed doing to “feed the beast” [...]


E-mail Exchanges with Skeptical Reader End up Printed Verbatim Online

When he set about to reply to a reader’s seemingly clear-cut inquiry criticizing his October 3 climate change news story, Louisville, Ky., reporter James Bruggers had no idea his entire e-mail dialog would end up verbatim in an interest group’s [...]


Tamino’s ‘Open Mind’

“Saying something brilliant simply.” The phrase comes from former WNET-TV/Nature documentary film producer and writer Gianna Savoie, now a freelance documentary producer. It’s a rare gift to express complex scientific concepts in simple terms. Perhaps more than any other prominent [...]


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