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Pacific Northwest Climate Projections Outlined in New Report

Lots of change is in the air in a warmer Pacific Northwest, a new analysis projects, many posing significant ecological and economic concerns for the region.


Respected Climate Writer Dan Vergano Leaves USA Today for NatGeo

The climate journalism pool gets shallower with the loss of respected science and climate journalist Dan Vergano from USA Today, and it doesn’t appear he’ll be doing much more on climate change from his new post at


TV Mets to be Invited to March Weather/Climate Workshop in Denver

Broadcast meteorologists and weathercasters from Colorado, Nebraska and parts of Wyoming and Kansas are to be invited for a full-day weather and climate workshop at Colorado State University’s Denver Center.


Bridging Cultures and Disciplines for Better Communications

Climate change communication researchers and representatives of diverse climate science information media convene in Beijing under auspices of leading Yale and Renmin University programs.


Weather Company and Brands Backing ‘Climate Week NYC’

Weather Company, Weather Channel, Weather Underground and more bring lots of eyeballs and lots of online ‘clicks’ with them as backers of September 2013 Climate Week NYC event.


'Sufficient Evidence' Mann's Claim May Succeed on Merits

‘Hockey Stick’ Scientist Michael Mann Can Proceed with Defamation Suit

A Superior Court judge, hinting of what it considered something of a ‘witch hunt,’ rejects a conservative publisher’s efforts to squelch scientist Michael Mann’s lawsuit alleging he was defamed in a magazine article equating him to convicted pedophile Jerry Sandusky.


Richmond Newspaper: Skeptics Angst on Human Causation ‘Laughable’

Conservative Times Dispatch calls continuing skepticism on human influence ‘laughable….Start debating how to deal with it.’


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