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Plain Dealer Reporter Michael Scott Explores Cleveland’s Broadcast Met Attitudes

A Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper article portrays the city’s broadcast meteorologists as consisting of a disproportionate number of “on-air personalities who are pushing hard against the prevailing winds of climate science.” Along with forecasting the weekend weather and providing five-day [...]


Climate Change Coverage Garners Substantial Number of 2008 Journalism Prizes

Reporting on climate change clearly held its own in 2008 prize competitions honoring the year’s best journalism. As has been the case for several years now, more and more entries for environmental journalism prizes dealt specifically or at least significantly [...]


NY Times Moves to Strengthen Environmental Coverage

It wasn’t one of those “Dear Colleague” memos from the Executive Editor announcing yet another scaling back of newsroom staff. Enough already. Whew! This one, from New York Times Executive Editor Bill Keller on December 17, instead was a move [...]


A Reporter's First-Hand Story

Assignment Greenland: Toledo Blade Reporter Tells Story Behind the Story

Tom Henry, veteran environmental reporter and columnist for The (Toledo) Blade, didn’t know just what to expect when he was called into a top editor’s office. The message? He was told to prepare for the assignment of a reporter’s lifetime. [...]


Virginia Tech Hosts SEJ Annual Conference

Climate Change, Coal Mining/Burning Highlights for 800 SEJ Participants in Roanoke

ROANOKE, VA. – The annual fete and feast known to environmental reporters as the Society of Environmental Journalists’ annual conference this year offered some 800-plus attendees a diverse menu of climate change, coal, energy, and related morsels. The October 15-19 [...]


Natural Gas Firm Going On Line With ‘’ Programming

With the mainstream commercial media companies eliminating many hundreds of journalists’ jobs, new ventures such as the nonprofit Pro Publica, the New York-based investigative reporting organization, are trying to pick up some of the slack. Now comes something really different: [...]


Arctic Series for Edmonton, Toronto Papers

2008 Grantham Prize ‘Special Merit’ Winner: Reporter, Photographer Ed Struzik

For 28 years, Canadian writer Ed Struzik has skied, dogsledded, snowmobiled, helicoptered, canoed, and ridden icebreakers as part of his writings about the Arctic. Since long before most journalists paid the northern territories much heed, Struzik has covered the change [...]


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