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Add Electricity to Americans’ Addictions? ... Scary?

UNC News 21 Grad Students Launch Insightful ‘Powering a Nation’ Site

An interactive graphic on the new website Powering a Nation says a lot about America’s insatiable appetite for energy. The graphic is part of a Web feature called “Down The Lines.” And it’s scary. A sliding scale (you can move it [...]


Exploring Journalism's Unchartered Future

Nonprofit Journalism Model: A Future of Environmental Reporting?

When Marianne Lavelle left U.S. News and World Report a year ago, the news weekly was rapidly shrinking the amount of space devoted to in-depth reporting as part of its transition to becoming strictly an online journal. “You could just [...]


Chemical Society’s Editor Sees ‘No Difference’ After Flap on Climate Column

The e-mail blast bore all the signs of news, really big news, but the tell-tale all-caps “BREAKING” had the familiar breathlessness of just one more Marc Morano “news” flash.* News Analysis The back story here involves what blogger Morano called [...]


TV Meteorologists, Weathercasters Briefed By Climate Experts at AMS Short Course

PORTLAND, OREGON – Broadcast meteorologists from across the country gathered recently for a one-day workshop to learn more about climate change science and explore new ways to better inform their audiences on an issue they likely will increasingly encounter in [...]


Climate Change Resources for Broadcast Meteorologists

The July 9, 2009, posting to The Yale Forum on Climate Change & The Media provides access to a number of authoritative PowerPoint and QuickTime video presentations delivered either in April in Chicago or in June in Portland, Oregon, as [...]


In Discussing (OUCH!) Climate Change, Global Warming

A Word is a Word is a Word? Not When it Comes to … Pick the ‘Right’ Word

Praise, scorn, and even some good-natured (?) ridicule are greeting a consulting firm’s advice to “climate solutions advocates” on how to better package their climate change messages.


EPA Ann Arbor Vehicle Emissions Lab Offers Reporters Fertile Ground for Stories

ANN ARBOR, MI. – A room full of sparkling new silver diesel engines, a car running automatically on its own treadmill, a mammoth truck with its insides displaying a new kind of fuel efficient technology. These are just a few [...]


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