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Goal of U. of Michigan Erb Institute/UCS Workshop

Better Understanding and Improving Climate Communications

Some 100 social scientists, communications experts, and climate scientists convene at University of Michigan’s Erb Institute/Union of Concerned Scientists session to better understand, improve climate communication dialogue.


NPR, AP Correspondents: Useful Climate, Fracking Metaphors

The pursuit of the ‘perfect’ metaphor(s) for communicating on climate change continues, now aided by recent unrelated efforts by an NPR science correspondent and an AP Latin America reporter.


Activist Environmental Communications

Helping the Cause … or Making Enemies?

Issue ads and messages from green groups largely seen as being outside of the mainstream differ greatly in terms of impacts they can have on the very message being addressed and, more broadly, on environmentalism and environmental groups generally.


My AGU Bucket List: A Personal Memoir of ‘The Community’

Skeptical Science’s John Cook, of Brisbane, Australia, recounts his first trip to North America … and to the fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco.


A New Player -- or Just a New Name -- on Climate Policy?

From Pew Climate Change Center To C2ES, What’s Behind the Name Change?

A respected inside-the-Washington-Beltway climate change player changes its name. But also its focus? What to make of the new Center for Climate and Energy Solutions? (Note the word ‘change’ dropped there? Does it matter?


A Drumbeat of Tragic Narrative that Turns Audiences Off

The unending bleak news on climate change is not breaking through to the public. What might do it?


Think Hotdogs (Fear, Guilt Need Not Apply)

A More Appetizing Hotdog Approach to Climate Communication?

Wanted: Climate change communication that is surprising, delightful, beautiful, or witty. Over-the-top appeals to fear or guilt need not apply.


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