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The List Goes On ... and On ... and On

‘Denier,’ ‘Alarmist,’ ‘Warmist,’ ‘Contrarian,’ ‘Confusionist,’ ‘Believer,’

Some things never change. Like the endless search for the perfect term to describe those seeing things differently on climate change issues.


Physicist Muller’s Big-Time Conversion: Was It News … or Just Slick P.R.?

‘BEST’ is the acronym physicist Richard Muller has given to his widely publicized research efforts on surface temperatures. But his and protagonist Anthony Watts’ latest campaigns seem more of the ‘best’ of public relations than of the best of science. [...]


Sea Level Rise Focus of ‘This is Not Cool’ Video

Major sea level rise reports forecasting trouble ahead for much of California and the Atlantic seaboard, coupled with blistering heat records across much of the U.S. … Cap it all off with a witty Stephen Colbert commentary and you’ve got [...]



What If A Scientific Report Were to Speak English (in Numbers Too)?

The metric system has its rightful place in scientific reports, no question about that. But would providing some conversions to an audience’s ‘first language’ — think inches, feet, pounds, etc. — dis-serve science more than it might help inform the [...]


‘Truth’ as an Asset or Liability in Climate Dialogue

Some climate science communicators see ‘truth’ as handicapping their dialogues with the public and say advocates’ freedom from restrictions imposed by truth gives them an advantage in public discourse. If so … what then?


A Scientist's Perspective

On Blogging, Comments … and Online Civil Discourse

A Minnesota engineering professor takes aim at what he considers vacuous arguments and what constitutes proper handling of a series of online comments and jags going beyond the point of fair and serious commentary and analysis.*


How Long Will Global Warming Remain Center Stage?

Climate change is here to stay. But will media attention drift away?


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