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TW[*]3: That Was The [AGU Week] That Was ...

Signs of a ‘Magical Moment’ Bullishness … But Will It Last?

Climate attendees at AGU’s just-concluded fall meeting might well feel a surge of energy and renewed hope for doing ‘something meaningful’ to address climate challenges. The signs seem intangible but real, but also real is the question of where things [...]


The ‘New AGU’ … Talking Up Its Policy Backbone

AGU leadership professes its willingness to head-up an aggressive public policy and ‘education’ campaign directed at congressional skeptics.


It’s AGU Week. So What? (You May Ask)

Thousands gather this week in San Francisco for the American Geophysical Union’s annual meeting. This week’s posts will focus on developments at the meeting.


Berkeley Linguist: Global Warming ‘Systemically Caused’ Hurricane Sandy

Cognitive linguist George Lakoff of Berkeley supports adding the term ‘systemic causation’ to our climate change dictionary and jargon. ‘Communicate the concept,’ he urges.  (Reposted with permission)


Do Seven Presidential Words Mark End of Climate Silence?

In the emotions, joys, and disappointments immediately following an election campaign’s conclusion, the newly re-elected President touches briefly on our warming planet, ending the campaigns’ seeming taboos on mentioning climate change.


Obama, Romney Campaigns

‘Mum’s the Word’ on Climate Change

Nary a word has been spoken by the major party presidential candidates on an issue some scientists still insist posing the century’s pressing scientific challenges. Obama and Romney remain mute.


Second of a two-part series

Media Opinion Pages Take Pulse of Nation’s 2012 Summer Anomalies

Part II on editorials and opinion columns on 2012 weather anomalies covers media in the South, the Great Lakes and Midwest regions, and the West.


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