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The Smithsonian on (and in) the Anthropocene

Two weeks before ‘Superstorm Sandy’ hit the Northeast, Smithsonian researchers convened a symposium on how humans are reshaping the planet. Now they are considering how a focus on ‘The Anthropocene’ could reshape their institution.


Skeptical Uses of ‘Religion’ in Debate on Climate Change

‘Religion’ and religion-inspired terms — savior, prophet, priests, heretic, dogma, crusade — are regularly used in efforts to influence public attitudes about climate change. But how does this language work, and on whom?


Mormon Silence on Climate Change: Why, and What Might It Mean?

Scattered voices of climate concern among members of the Mormon Church can’t drown-out the veritable cone of silence from the church itself on environmental issues. But stereotyping any such large group overlooks important nuances.


A Rhetorical Response to the Sackler Colloquium

Science Communication Needs the Humanities

The humanities can play a much-needed, and as yet unfulfilled, role in communicating climate science.


Preachable Moments: Evangelical Christians and Climate Change

Climate change has caused rifts among evangelical Christians, who are sharply divided on the topic. But more evangelicals now are examining a Christian response to the threat posed by a warming atmosphere.


Native Americans and a Changing Climate

They’re among North America’s most vulnerable population groups, and their 95 million acres of tribal lands present Native Americans with a complex array of challenges and opportunities as they confront a warming climate.


Science Writing: Funny? Yes. But Also Another Side?

Is an AAAS Science Careers blog post a witty and insightful commentary on science writing and science journalism? Or is it the other ‘incite-ful’ and a bit ‘snarky’ notwithstanding its comedic value?


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