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Manufacturing Uncertainty

Conservative Think Tanks and Climate Change Denial Books

Books denying climate change evidence are a potent means of manufacturing uncertainty. Most are linked to conservative think tanks, with few authored by individuals with scientific credentials, and fewer still having undergone peer review.


Real-World Legacy of a Fictional Presidency

Climate Change in The West Wing?

Climate policy communicators may wish to review the once-popular TV series to better understand opportunities and obstacles that may arise in the second Obama administration.


‘Artscientist’ Hopes Sculpture Can Inspire Reef Protection

With a blend of science and art, Courtney Mattison is educating people about how global warming, ocean acidification, and other environmental threats are harming the world’s coral reefs.


‘Chasing Ice’ Film Maker’s Take on Climate Story-Telling

Environmental photographer and filmmaker James Balog brings to AGU session a unique skill and message on communicating on climate change.


Emerging Force on Climate Change: Religion, Ecology, Ethics, and Morality

Scholars in the 1990s played a hunch and gave rise to a new field of ecology and religion, some focusing on climate change as a moral issue.


A Climate Ethicist's Perspective

Donald Brown on Climate and Ethics Moving Forward

Ethical issues and concerns for social justice lie at the heart of the climate change issue, argues an academic who has focused on climate ethics, and he says the media share responsibility for not adequately connecting the dots. 


The Smithsonian on (and in) the Anthropocene

Two weeks before ‘Superstorm Sandy’ hit the Northeast, Smithsonian researchers convened a symposium on how humans are reshaping the planet. Now they are considering how a focus on ‘The Anthropocene’ could reshape their institution.


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