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Fewer Past Venues Seen Suitable as Future Winter Olympics Sites

A warmer climate means far fewer past Winter Olympic sites will be suitable as future sites. ‘Simply not cold enough,’ a University of Waterloo study suggests.


Will Snow(-less) Boarding be the New Norm in a Warmer Climate?

Olympic snow-boarder Elena Hight says her world-wide travels indicate to her that ‘warmer, shorter, drier’ winters increasingly are becoming the norm.


U. of Michigan, Others Exploring Faculty Public Outreach Issues

Climate change is at forefront of scientific issues, prompting some universities to re-examine faculty members’ roles in public outreach, social media, and social activism. A University of Michigan initiative samples faculty attitudes.


Climate Change in the Vortex of America’s Bi-Polar Politics

Conservative, liberal, and moderate editorial cartoonists’ biting takes on the early-January ‘polar vortex’ and the spectacle of a Russian research vessel ice-bound while researching climate change in Antarctica will make readers laugh…and also weep.


From Social Change to Climate Change: Lessons from the 1960s?

The transformative events of the turbulent nineteen-sixties may offer lessons for the climate challenges of the 21st Century.


A Look Back to See the Present More Clearly

John F. Kennedy, the Cold War and Echoes of the Climate Change Challenge

In this 50th anniversary year of JFK’s death, it’s worth pondering which of the many causes and themes advanced by Kennedy best speak to our time. John Wihbey reviews a new history by Jeffrey Sachs and looks at the scientific [...]


Being Thoreau

A special exhibition at the Concord Museum shows how scientists are using work by Henry David Thoreau and other naturalists to measure climate change.


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