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Sara Peach, an environmental journalist, teaches environmental journalism at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is a regular contributor to The Yale Forum. (E-mail:, Twitter: @sarapeach)

Roundup: How U.S. Media Are Covering the German Rush for Renewables

Two competing narratives emerge in a tale of an industrial giant going green.


Opinion Round-Up: The President’s ‘SOTU’ Call for Climate Action

Most opinion writers back President Obama’s State of the Union remarks on climate change, but many point to a dysfunctional Congress as major impediment.


Rather get arrested than just change light bulbs?

Having Citizen Action ‘Match the Scope of the Problem’

Should climate activists tell people to take shorter showers, get arrested — or both? Avoiding just a ‘piddly’ response to a ‘We’re doomed!’ message.


‘Artscientist’ Hopes Sculpture Can Inspire Reef Protection

With a blend of science and art, Courtney Mattison is educating people about how global warming, ocean acidification, and other environmental threats are harming the world’s coral reefs.


Ten Great Climate Apps

Of the thousands and thousands of apps now available for various mobile devices, a manageable number stand out as excellent examples addressing climate change issues.


Innovative Journalism Linking Backyard Observations with Climate Science

The iSeeChange radio project in rural Colorado fosters conversations about the weird and wild weather of 2012, addressing a community’s questions about drought, wildfires and more while telling scientifically accurate stories about climate change.


‘False Balance’ in Some Coverage of Carolina Sea-Level Controversy

When lawmakers considered a bill to effectively outlaw sea-level science, some news outlets adopted the ‘he said, she said’ model of reporting on scientific controversy.


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