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A New Player -- or Just a New Name -- on Climate Policy?

From Pew Climate Change Center To C2ES, What’s Behind the Name Change?

A respected inside-the-Washington-Beltway climate change player changes its name. But also its focus? What to make of the new Center for Climate and Energy Solutions? (Note the word ‘change’ dropped there? Does it matter?


AGU ‘Other Meeting’ Offers Scientific Grist for Thousands from Around World

Annual AGU fall meeting in San Francisco provides thousands from across the globe scientific insights on what motivates — or should — the on-again/off-again COP talks on an international climate change treaty.


In Fool Me Twice, Shawn Lawrence Otto Delivers Valuable Back Stories

The individual behind the 2008 presidential campaign ‘Science Debate’ initiative tells where we are with research science in the current political atmosphere. But more importantly, he also tells how we’ve gotten to where we are, and where we may be [...]


SEJ Journalists Meeting Confronts Bitter Pills on Climate Future

‘What hope?’ is there, a veteran environmental reporter asks a panel after hearing their bleak prognoses for addressing the planet’s climate challenges?  And Einstein’s advice … simple but not too simple.


Ray Bradley’s No-Holds-Barred Critique On Politics of Climate Change

Scientist Ray Bradley vents about with what he views as the political chicanery aimed at climate scientists for, in effect, ‘just doing their work’ … and finding evidence of a human-caused warming climate.


Degree of Scientific Consensus Underestimated

Five ‘Potentially Distinct Groups’ Seen in Survey of TV Meteorologists

A new national survey of broadcast meteorologists provides a more refined and nuanced portrait than the broad-brush image of their generally being steadfastly resistant to much of the established climate science.


A Personal Memory

Spending A Week Above Arctic Circle On M.S. Fram Off Greenland’s West Coast

An extraordinary week abroad a Norwegian cruise line ship leaves indelible memories of Greenland, the tiny settlements housing many of its 57,600 residents, and its vital and shrinking ice sheet and calving glaciers.


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