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It’s AGU Week. So What? (You May Ask)

Thousands gather this week in San Francisco for the American Geophysical Union’s annual meeting. This week’s posts will focus on developments at the meeting.


Language Heating Up as Planet Continues to ...

Four New Sobering Reports: Serious Warnings on Warming Planet

First came independent reports from respected global banking, energy, and national security perspectives … and then came a new study in Science by 47 international researchers cautioning about faster losses of land-based ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica over the [...]


Sipping from Fire Hose of Superstorm Sandy’s ‘Teachable Moment’

Media and bloggers post numerous commentaries on Superstorm Sandy’s connection to a warmer climate, and on communications lessons-learned.


Obama, Romney Campaigns

‘Mum’s the Word’ on Climate Change

Nary a word has been spoken by the major party presidential candidates on an issue some scientists still insist posing the century’s pressing scientific challenges. Obama and Romney remain mute.


A PBS ‘NewsHour’ Blog Post and Broadcast Provoke Viewers’ Ire

Commenters to  public broadcasting’s ‘NewsHour’ site decry a ‘hack piece’ of reporting involving an extensive interview with blogger skeptic and former weathercaster Anthony Watts … and also the several responses by the NewsHour editor and reporter directly involved.


Searing Heat, Raging Wildfires Offer ‘Teachable’ Summer Moments

Numerous media reports dealing with wildfires, with record-breaking heat, and with a possible connection to climate change capitalize on 2012 weather anomalies for a ‘teachable moment.’ And two articles in academic journals provide more context on the subject.


Physicist Muller’s Big-Time Conversion: Was It News … or Just Slick P.R.?

‘BEST’ is the acronym physicist Richard Muller has given to his widely publicized research efforts on surface temperatures. But his and protagonist Anthony Watts’ latest campaigns seem more of the ‘best’ of public relations than of the best of science. [...]


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