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Bruce Lieberman is a freelance writer covering science and environmental topics. He has more than 20 years experience in the news business. (E-mail:, Twitter: @brucelieberman1)
Targeting Soot, Methane, HFCs ... for Now

Picking Fight with CO2 Bully: OR…Near-Term Effort for Short-Term Gains

Tackling black carbon (soot) and other short-term pollutants buys valuable time for tackling CO2. But in long term, CO2 emissions reductions are seen as remaining critical.


Part II of a Series on Climate and Major Religions

The Catholic Church and Climate Change

The Catholic Church hierarchy, beginning with the Pope more than two decades ago, has framed climate change as a moral issue involving ‘the future of God’s creation’ and one best viewed through four principles guiding Catholics’ worldview.


Real People, Real Faces, Real Day-In/Day-Out Issues

Farmers’ Voices Too Often Missing In Climate Reporting, Journalists Advised

Scientist and agriculture writer Gary Paul Nabhan urges journalists to give farmers bigger voice in climate change reporting.


Scientists' Quick Actions Avert P.R. Problems

Part II: Anatomy of a Times Atlas Screw-Up: Lessons for Scientists, Media

A week after first releasing the 13th edition of its Times Atlas, the publisher steps up to apologize for its ‘incorrect claim’ concerning Greenland ice melt. Observers question whether that goes far enough and whether the flawed atlas and its [...]


Scientists' Quick Actions Avert P.R. Problems

Part I: Anatomy of a Times Atlas Screw-Up: Lessons for Scientists, Media

Quick actions by key scientists reacting to a Times Atlas Greenland blunder reflect sensitivities and lessons-learned from earlier climate science data snafus. First of a special two-part day-by-day review of a public relations calamity avoided.


A Key: Avoiding Journalistic Compromises?

NSF and NBCLearn Blaze New Path On Collaborative Science Journalism

A new funding partnership between NSF and an NBC affiliate promises more informed coverage of climate science. But questions arise about implications for journalistic independence and integrity.


Academy Addresses Congress’s Questions; But Question: How Many on Capitol Hill Listening?

The Congress that this year received advice from the National Academy of Sciences on climate change is a very different one from the Congress that three years ago authorized nearly $6 million for the study. Whether anyone on Capitol Hill [...]


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