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Manufacturing Uncertainty

Conservative Think Tanks and Climate Change Denial Books

Books denying climate change evidence are a potent means of manufacturing uncertainty. Most are linked to conservative think tanks, with few authored by individuals with scientific credentials, and fewer still having undergone peer review.


It’s Time for Scientists to Tweet

Greater impact with other scientists, media, and policy makers and getting ‘far beyond the ivory tower of academia’…And all within scientists’ reach via ‘tweets’ of  140 or fewer characters. ‘It’s time scientists learn’ Twitter.


‘Weather Whiplash’: A Story of Two Years — 2012 and 2013

Peter Sinclair’s new Yale Forum video couples interviews with two experts — Rutgers’ Jennifer Francis and Weather Underground’s Jeff Masters — to explore the ‘Why?’ of two years of mirror images of weather across North America.


Uncertainty No Excuse for Procrastinating on Climate Change

Researchers in Australia say that by reducing future uncertainties they conclude global warming of more than 3.6 degrees F by 2100 is ‘virtually certain,’ but they see a ‘reduced chance’  warming will exceed the 10.8 degree F ‘high threshold.’


A Few Very Worthwhile Minutes Catching Recent Broadcasts

Public radio’s ‘This American Life’ and two CBS News segments provided valuable coverage of climate change in the past few days, and all three of the stories are well worth watching for those who may have missed them.


Climate and ‘Increasingly Wild Weather’ Focus of June 6 Seminar

Stu Ostro of Weather Channel and Rutgers scientist Jennifer Francis to address June 6 Washington, D.C., presentation at World Wildlife Fund headquarters.

READ MORE, U of Queensland Assessing Consensus on Human Causation founder John Cook says survey involving some 12,000 papers will measure level of scientific consensus on human contributions to warming planet.


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